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Bringing the World to your table with our Exquisite Menus

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Seven Seas leading the catering industry is an outstanding example of successfully blending culinary expertise to create a new aura for the connoisseurs of fine taste. Seven Seas Luxury Outdoor Catering offers a wide range of cuisines along with delightful taste, impeccable services and aesthetic displays and presentations. Our professional chefs and food specialists have carefully curated cuisines that retain the authentic taste and essence from across the world.


Luxury Catering by Seven Seas

Inspired by innovation, expertise and panache for global gastronomical experience that will be etched in memories forever. Seven Seas now presents Signature Culinarte, a luxury catering service conceptualised for the connoisseurs of fine taste. Originated with the idea to turn your large scale events into a colossal affair backed by years of experience of industry veterans, trained chefs and professionals who stir up flavours in the most authentic style to make your celebrations tastefully distinct.

Global Select.png

by Seven Seas

Inspired by all-time favourite recipes from across the globe, our team of executive chefs at Seven Seas have designed an elegant Global Select menu that translates your style into culinary magic ready to awe. From a combination of traditional Indian, aristocratic European, exotic Pan Asian or adventurous fusion food, Seven Seas Global Select Menu is ready to tantalise discerning palettes.

Imperial Class.png

by Seven Seas

An ultra-luxe catering service for the connoisseurs of fine tastes providing unparalleled variety of cuisines which are truly a reflection of regal heritage. Imperial Class takes you on a culinary journey into the majestic and wonderful world of the elite and resplendent art of luxury catering. 

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