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by Seven Seas

An ultra-luxe catering service for the connoisseurs of fine tastes providing unparalleled variety of cuisines which are truly a reflection of regal heritage. Imperial Class takes you on a culinary journey into the majestic and wonderful world of the elite and resplendent art of luxury catering. 

A Blend of Ecstasy

Healthy and refreshing selection of mocktails to quench your thirst. The taste of tropical fruits come to life in these non alcoholic beverages. These colorful virgin concoctions  of mixed juices and premium flavours will energise your evening.


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Street Traditions

Authentic savory snacks from the streets of India with every element that makes it truly crave-able.  An ubiquitous blend of Indian spices flavourfully served. 

Imperial flavours from the overseas

Quick bites / savoury snacks with authentic flavours from the overseas delectably served. Enjoy aromatic and sizzling starters, immaculately spiced skewers right off the smokey grill and bite sized chinese wonders from the streets of China.


The Soup and Aristocratic Salad Bar

Enjoy imperial soup variations topped with the most aromatic herbs and healthy concoctions of farm fresh exotic veggies savoured with rich dressings and flavoured condiments.

International Fare

Classic amalgamation of Italian recipes garnished with exotic cheese and herbs or vibrant and mysterious flavours  from the land of Mexico or  traditional recipes from the Orient, savour International fare master curated by our Speciality Chefs.

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Time tasted flavours of Legendary India

From heritage of Punjab to Dawat-e-khas by our master chefs to centuries old spectacle of homemade recipes or shahi biryanis of Nizams, let our chefs take you on a culinary journey of North Indian and Mughlai nouvelle cuisines.

Delicacies of Rajputana Parampara

Imperial delights from the Rjasthani Royal Kitchen


Opulent Desserts

Indulge in some sweet endings crafted with royalty and twist. Relish popular mishti bites from the streets of Bengal, wonderful rich and creamy assortments from the Imperial bakery and traditional Indian frozen desserts served with dry fruits.

Imperial Class by Seven Seas

The Edge Above


Freshest Ingredients Sourced for the most Exotic Preparations

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The Art of


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Innovative Presentation for

Pass Around Snacks


Personalised Catering Experience

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