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Luxury Catering by Seven Seas

Inspired by innovation, expertise and panache for global gastronomical experience that will be etched in memories forever. Seven Seas now presents Signature Culinarte, a luxury catering service conceptualised for the connoisseurs of fine taste. Originated with the idea to turn your large scale events into a colossal affair backed by years of experience of industry veterans, trained chefs and professionals who stir up flavours in the most authentic style to make your celebrations tastefully distinct.

The Art of Mixology

An eclectic mix of cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, fresh juices, revitalizing energy boosters and fusiontails. Interactive visually appealing  stations  conceptualised, keeping in mind the theme of the event. 

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The Art of Chaat

Secret  inherited treasures from streets of India like  Agra, Kanpur, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi 6, Kolkata,, Mumbai etc. Savor tantalizing delights made even more scrumptious by infusing  ingredients from all over the world and presenting artfully curated fusion chaat.

Lavish Exotic Menu with Pre-Plated Servings

From interactive salad bar to aromatic soup station and classic Indian main course, nizam-e-khas biryanis to exotic modern era combos, savour inherited spiced stories from the length and breath of the country curated with passion and served artfully.

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Global Gastronomy Presented with a Contemporary Twist

From Tim Sam's Dimsums, Narezushi's Sushis to the pioneers of pan asian, from traditional lebanon culture to  lebanese tongue twisters and from international cheese bar to italian delights and fiery charcoal lava bites, savor global gastronomy master curated by expert chefs served with a contemporary twist.

Experience Culinary Magic with

Molecular Gastronomy

& Fusion Cuisine

Raising the bar of catering with innovation and exemplary design. Introducing fusion cuisine curated exclusively by Seven Seas featuring interactive chaat, sizzling hot bites, fusion desserts and an eclectic mix of mocktails and cocktails. 


Out of the Box Buffet Layout with Innovative Presentation

This is what makes Seven Seas the most preferred choice for your tastefully distinct event. The buffet layout and entire catering presentation is carefully designed keeping in mind the theme of the event

Chef's Lounge

A compendium of iconic recipes curated exclusively for a luxurious appetite by our master chefs.


The Art of Dessert

From European saccharine cravings, continental delights, assorted chocolate bouquet and from Indian sweet endings and sugar free zone we have got it all covered. Relish our exclusive Ice cream and Kulfi zone which will leave you drooling for more.

Signature Culinarte by Seven Seas

The Edge Above


Live Sit Down

Restaurant Concept


Freshest Ingredients Sourced for the most Exotic Preparations


The Art of



Innovative Presentation for

Pass Around Snacks


Attention to Detail

Uniforms | Cutlery

Personalised Catering Experience

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